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We have been in this location for over 17 years since 2001, under the same management. We believe in treating each of our customer’s with respect and dignity. As we understand that we are here to help people mostly during difficult times. We loan the most we can on each item and have experienced Redemption rate of over 92% (meaning most people come back and redeem their property). We welcome anyone with anything of monetary value to give us a try to see how upfront and honest we are with our customers and their goods. 


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Items We Pawn, LOAN or Buy: Anything of Monetary Value or Anything We Can Pay You For Now and Resell it Later. For Example…

Pawn Shop Watches

Here at Diamond Jim’s Pawn Shop, we buy and sell watches, and provide pawn shop jewelry loans on pawned timepieces. We accept all types of watches. Come by Diamond Jim’s  Pawn Shop to find rare collectible quality watches below retail price. Need a pawn shop loan now? Your watch is an easy way to take a loan. Call today or visit us in store.

Pawn Shop Gold & Gemstones

Buy, sell or loan gold with us! We give pawn shop loans to people who have gold they don’t want to sell. Our new loans are 5 months long and we are proud to have 96% of our customers reclaiming their valuables.


Pawn Shop Laptops & Tablets

Keep up with the technology race and head over to Diamond Jim’s Pawn Shop to find pre-owned quality electronics. We carry pre-owned laptop computers, cell phones, game consoles, and more all at unbeatable prices. Come on in and see us today.

Pawn Shop Musical Instruments

Diamond Jim’s Pawn Shop has a wide range of affordable musical instruments. We proudly hold a reputation as one of the area’s most reliable musical instrument dealers. For more information about our selection of quality, specialty, rare new, and pre-owned musical instruments, contact us.

We Can BUY All of the Above Items or Simply Give You a 5 Month LOAN if You Wish to Use it as Collateral! It’s YOUR Choice